Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The End!? (Final Final Final)

Well here it is. The last post of the blog. It's been such a great adventure here. Feels like I've been here a lifetime. Maybe I'll start a "Lawyer Chronicles", but on a japanese blog for a little change. I hope anyone who has been reading this has enjoyed it. And to my future self who will probably read this again over the years (Yay--ee~ *Thumbs up* ^reference; this is a japanese thing)

I shall return. See you in "The Japan Chronicles 2" in some years (Title pending.) And I'm sure the Japan legal world will bring exciting, amusing, and ridiculous new stories.
At the airport sporting my small town's name T-shirt with a (My love town) translated to English on it. Gotta give a hand heart to show that it really is my love town.

Final japanese peace sign. Notice how Yuki isn't giving one. Culture switched!

THE END!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The End!? (Part 1)

I'm leaving~. Who would've thought. The Japan Chronicles have been a part of my life 3 years now. Next I will be going to law school for 3 years (Notice the pattern?) Will there be a continuation to the chronicles in another 3 years? You'll just have to wait and find out. Welcome to the 2 part final post series of this blog (I promise to make it good), that will sum up the last events that have occurred in my final days.

The most run down train stop sign I have ever seen in Japan.

For rocks.

And more rocks

I finally accomplished something I was waiting 3 years to do. See live wild monkeys.

Unfortunately it's hard to see them in the picture. And on a side and amusing note, they are the ones responsible for the rock signs.

Yea this MIGHT be necessary, at a train station... in the mountains...

Largest gap I've ever seen a train platform. Hard to tell in this picture, but no one walked out this door.

The last firework. How could my blog finish without a typical japanese firework festival.

This was just a very cool scene. I can't make a joke about this, but the beach below, bridge above, mountains in the back, and train in the (front?) really look umm... cool.

First time seeing a one car passenger train. Fits about 30 people probably.

Final: To be continued!

Monday, July 28, 2008

Osaka Odyssey Part 12 (Finale-2)

The real Osaka Finale!

I mean, of course we find relaxation in job searches.

Makes me want to buy clothes...

This bench was seriously to deep. I mean it's not like it's America.

After finally getting used to always standing on the left side of the escalator, Osaka decides to change sides and be different from Tokyo.

This sign says "Terekura" or telephone club, where older men pay money to talk to young girls on the phone (as well as possible meetups). I never really thought these actually existed.

What's missing here?...... Rain.

They really found the right way to cook waffles.

Sad to see this trip end. It really was a great one.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Osaka Odyssey Part 11 (Finale-1)

The end of Osaka. A little montage of the final amusements.

Almost a ferriswheel, but not quite.

Stickynote floor map. Because we all know how of then the shops inside a building change.

Finally found an abacus... in them middle of the Chinese food theme park. Makes sense.

Informative. How to escape the train. Really? Go to the side?

No longer public phones, but public phone chargers, in which to charge your cell phone.

The natural shape of a $150 watermelon.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Osaka Odyssey Part 10 (Mall Whale)

Because we all know what gets us shopping.

Good thing I can go to the seafood shop down the street to eat some.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Osaka Odyssey Part 9 (Ice Cream Crane)

Japan always knows how to push the envelope... with crane games.

I could spend 200 yen to try to win an ice cream I can buy at the convenient store for 100 yen in the same building.